The Real Monster in the Closet

Here’s my feeble attempt.

For those of you paying attention to riots, do you understand their reason?

Behaviour is not an isolated event. It’s crucial to look at the function of the behaviour. Because none of these riots are about the unjust death of one individual. They are about the system of injustice that allows countless men, women and children to be killed without the killers being held responsible. It’s about being told to be non-violent with a police-issued gun to their heads. It’s about the death of yet another individual with no justice in sight.

Non-violent protests are happening. There are people trying desperately to make their voices heard without destruction. But let’s be real here: you are being manipulated.

The media is going to do their darndest to villainize every person on the wrong side of the thin blue line while showcasing a good cop rescuing a kitten. And you will buy it because the idea of a militarized police force with insufficient oversight is too frightening to be believed. The media will tell you that bad cops are not the monsters in your closet and you will buy that.

Because you’ve been manipulated since birth by politicians and priests and police to believe in the monster of the Other.

The Other takes your jobs (yet somehow is lazy and lives off your taxes). The Other lives in ways abhorrent to God. You know this because your God has been shaped and manipulated by the homogenous culture with which you surround yourself. The Other desires to hurt, steal, kill, and incite others to do so. The Other wants nothing more than to destroy your comfort.

The real question with all the protests and riots breaking out is WHY it has taken so much for people to say enough is enough. And why isn’t everyone demanding change? These aren’t heavily armed victims.

But the victims were villainized long before they were excessively forced out of existence.

Demand change now. Vote for change at every election. Examine your politics. Seek out candidates who expand freedoms to all. Those who correctly identify the monster in your closet.

The Monster is corporate greed, systematic oppression, force without oversight, and so on.

The Monster has been distracting you with fears of the Other, taking from you and blaming the Other. Telling you to desire wealth and comfort to feed their own wealth and comfort. Luring you into a dizzying cycle of consumerism to distract you from the sweatshops your life has been built upon. Telling you that you need to fear your child sharing a locker room with a transgendered middle schooler so you don’t notice the same politicians cutting money from your child’s school.

We all must find a way to protest. We must be heard.

It’s time to open our closet and meet our Monster.  


One thought on “The Real Monster in the Closet

  1. Carla McVey says:

    I wish one of us had the answer, after 36 years working public safety, I don’t. Except there needs to be respect and caring & there is not enough. I think frequently the civil disobedience of previous generations appears exciting and empowering, and it was painful and an embarrassing part of our history.


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