How to do a Goddess Finish with a Rucksack Carry (AKA Date Night Finish)


So I have been meaning to blog more.  I had plans to do a lot of stuff for May because it’s MCS awareness month (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  It’s why I wear a mask and why I only leave my house to take my baby for walks and to the clinic).  In a cruel twist of fate I’ve been sick too often to write up anything.

But I’ve still been productive!  I got a beautiful new wrap for my Mother’s Day present.  It’s an IndaJani Fular Huini Rosa.  This is my third IndaJani wrap and I have to say that the Huini is a great wrap.  I really love my Binni, but Huini is probably the better wrap.  Gasp!  One of these days I’ll do a proper review, especially since there isn’t much out there about this wrap.

My other two IndaJanis wrap a bit short so I ordered Rosa in 5.5 meters (a long 7).  I was shocked to discover that it was a tapered wrap!  Of all my IndaJanis this wraps the truest to size.  I can rock a Double Hammock with a waistband and a candy cane chest belt and have a wonderfully supportive and comfortable carry.  But I wanted to be able to use my Rosa in the heat of the summer so I needed to figure out how to do a single layer carry without tails dragging after me, and ideally it’d have the support of a chest pass.

And so I experimented and came up with the Goddess Finish!  A beautiful finish similar to a Frankencarry/DH Dress, but one layer over baby’s back and no rings needed!

*edited to add: I originally called this a “Date Night Finish” but decided I preferred Goddess Finish.  I had done a very poor quality video under the original name found here and figured I would be okay renaming it since the finish hadn’t really ‘caught on’ by then.  Well, it’s gaining in popularity under the original name!  I don’t really care WHAT you call it, just rock it!

Also, the trick to making this comfy seems to be having a nice and centered sternum pass, straight up through the cleavage!

**Remember how I said I didn’t know if this was a thing?  Well I guess it was already a thing.  I am not in the know enough to know WHO started it, so I can’t credit them here.  But it wasn’t me.

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